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We are a partnership of nonprofit organisations in Nelson Mandela Bay, South Africa working together to support the city's most vulnerable children and families during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Combined, our organisations have over 40 years of experience working in community development in the city. We have deep ties to our communities, relationships with over 100 schools, thousands of beneficiaries and experience in delivering high impact projects.


We are currently covering all logistical costs (petrol, staff, operations) to ensure all food and donations go straight towards helping the children and families in crisis in Nelson Mandela Bay's most impoverished communities.

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Distribution Methods


Social Workers

Our social workers and field staff are aware of families living in abject poverty and we are assisting those families.

This is our primary distribution channel. No one knows the children better than the teachers and principals themselves.

We ask teachers to nominate 3-5 children from their classes that they know live in poverty and would be suffering during this time. The principals then create a list, schedule a distribution date and invite a member of the family to the school to collect the parcel.

In partnership with the police and ward counselors, we distribute the food parcels to the guardians of those children at the school on the agreed time and date. The principals manage the gate of the school, parents enter one at a time, everyone wears protective gear and hands are sanitized throughout the event.


We are leveraging our network of other nonprofits, churches and government to identify and support families in need.

Distribution Map





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Jim McKeown

Managing Director


079 688 8002


Bank: First National Bank
Account Number: 62699696335
Branch Code: 250655
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Jonas Schumacher

Managing Director


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* Food parcels may vary in size, depending on factors like who the donor is or donations that week from farmers that we use to supplement our food parcels.The number above is calculated as the number of R250 food parcels distributed (the minimum size we would give out).

* Number of people benefiting is calculated by multiplying the number of parcels distributed by 6,2 (a conservative estimate of the number of people in a household).

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Thank You For All of Your Support